The task I was looking to complete was basically to start learning Flutter. When I came to know about flutter, I fall in love with it and wanted to master it.

So, I searched for a flutter course at Udemy, cracked it for free :) and started to absorb…

“Learn & practice programming from the comfort of your home.”

Problem Statement:

Ø Approximately 75% of people of Pakistan are unaware of programming as it is not taught at the high school level and they cannot find reliable resources to practice it.

Ø This is a huge drawback to the…


The five tips to grow your mindset includes:

  1. Self Talk.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone.
  3. Create new habits.
  4. Ask people for help.
  5. Fake it till you make it.

I’ve actually implemented the fifth tip “Fake it till you make it” on myself and it is my most favorite tip to grow my mindset.

As a university student, I’ve to deliver a couple of presentations, each semester at my university, and at the beginning, I was lacking confidence but when I motivated myself using the “Self Talk” tip and I started pretending that I am very confident, I realized that my confidence has boosted a lot and turned into reality.


Being an undergraduate software engineering student, a fellow at Amal Academy, a freelancer, I’m at my study table most of the day. Sometimes it gets a little messy that I’ve to fix anyway.

So here’s a snapshot of my dirty table.

Everything’s scattered including my notebooks, wires, etc. Hence I took a step and fixed/organized my stuff.

And finally here’s a snapshot of my well-organized table.


The goal I’ve just worked on is to apply for an internship as a Software Engineer. As I study at NED University, it is mandatory to do an internship to get a Bachelor’s degree.

I’ve applied to so many internships in the past and most of them had called me for an interview but I didn’t go as I wanted to do some remote internship. But now I realized that no Software House will give me a remote internship until I’ve worked there onsite for at least one month.

I’m happy that I’ve realized my mistake and now I’m looking forward to doing an internship at some nice tech company. I’m waiting for an interview call to take my next steps.

Tooba Tehreem Sheikh

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