Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro


The task I was looking to complete was basically to start learning Flutter. When I came to know about flutter, I fall in love with it and wanted to master it.

So, I searched for a flutter course at Udemy, cracked it for free :) and started to absorb it. It is absolutely a quite lengthy course, so I went for the Introduction and the development environment setup.

Firstly, I set an alarm to 25min, watched the introductory videos, there was a lot of distraction like why am watching the introduction, I should better start with the setup and other things, but I had to avoid such hindrances because the opening is important to understand the main concepts I’ll be learning later.

Okay, so as soon as I was done with the introduction, I took a short break, and after that comes the most tricky part i.e the environment setup. To be honest, I spend my entire day setting up the environment, feeling frustrated, I even felt like quitting, I had to download a couple of software, watched course videos over and over again, and finally, I made it, I’ve completed the setup after 2 days of struggle :P

My experience was quite difficult but it has been said that:

And now as everything’s set, so I’ve started learning Flutter and I’ll be continuing it till I master it. InshaAllah.